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The Unique and Richness Culture of the Maldives

The Unique and Richness Culture of the Maldives

Culture of Maldives is fascinating will help you to understand the land better before your Maldives travel.

The Culture of Maldives is a combination of many cultures – Cultures through the sea farers who settled in Maldives.
The Islands of Maldives appear in-between the trading route from the Indian Ocean. Thus settlers, and visitors from neighboring regions and round the world have come in contact with the islands for as long as history has been recorded. Such may be the to-and-fro flow of people and their cultures, that the marked effect has been left within the Maldivian people, the language, beliefs, arts, and attitudes.

Social Conventions

As Maldives is a Muslim country, alcohol are only able to be consumed in resorts. Maldives is extremely anti-drugs and punishment can be quite severe. Visitors need to dress modestly and when entering mosques, bodies should be covered. Nudity is dissalowed all public places. Visitors must always remove shoes before entering a home. When eating, one should always employ the right hand as the left-hand is considered unhygienic. Also, eating in public places during the fasting month of Ramadan is recognized as very offensive. Finally, public displays of religions apart from Islam are prohibited.

Maldives Languages

Referring to the Maldives languages, Dhivehi may be the main language spoken in Maldives. The word what is widely used for speaking with people. Since, it involves using many English, Hindi and Arabic words, it appears to resemble various languages spoken in Sri Lanka, East Asia and North India. Continue reading to know more about the common languages of Maldives.

Culture of the Maldives

Culture of the Maldives

Family life

In the traditional way of family life in Maldives, the boys go out for fishing throughout the day while the women take care of the affairs in your own home. The men often spend whole days out on the ocean which leaves the women using the responsibility of taking care of all of the affairs at home as well as in the community.
The community is close-knit and forms a security net for any family dealing with a hard time. Like in India, extended families help take care of the kids in addition to the parents.


Islam may be the predominant religion in Maldives, using the Maldivians following the Islamic calendar and celebrating Muslim festivals as part of . Education about religion is essential in school and home along with other subjects, with special emphasis provided to Arabic language that is taught from infancy. Ramadan and Kuda Eid are celebrated in Maldives with pomp and splendour.

Maldives Cuisine

Fish, particularly tuna, has always been the most prominent food within the diet of the Maldives. Travelers introduced seasonings and vegetables with time and Maldivian cuisine now comprises Arabic, Indian, Sri Lanka and Oriental tastes blended right into a unique cuisine. The cafes are the most useful places in the Maldives to savour the neighborhood tastes.


Bodu Beru is the most popular type of music and dance in the united states, believed to have been introduced in early 19th century by African slaves. Historians think that Thaara, which also holds a special devote local entertainment, have been introduced in the Middle East in the seventeenth century.
Other kinds of dance such as Bandiya Jehun possess a strong South Asian flavor. Today western pop and Indian music is well-liked by the young and old.

Art & Craft

The Maldivians are skilled craftsmen. This is often seen in sev­eral of Maldivian arts and craft; the deft coral stone carvings at Hukuru Miskiiy, the intricate lacquer art, the fine mats woven through the women of Fioari in the south and also the work of skilled calligra-phers whose works new and old that can be viewed in mosques round the country.

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