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Traditional Wedding Dresses From Around the World

Here are the best adorable examples of some traditional wedding dresses around the world.

Wedding is an important event in the lives. Here is a collection of traditional wedding dresses in different parts of the world! It is wonderful that in some regions people still hold the original tradition. Wedding dresses which have fascinating designs and perfect sizes are what all brides seek for. It is Tidebuy that attracts lots and lots of brides-to-be to purchase traditional wedding dresses around the world. Here no matter which type of wedding apparel you want to possess, surely you’re able to get it from this store with ease. There is no denying that you will be the most beautiful bride after wearing one of traditional wedding dresses around the world. Now indulge yourself in the paradise of all sorts of dresses for wedding and jump at the chance to buy traditional wedding dresses around the world.

If you want to get inspired and spice up your wedding with an original outfit, you came to the right place. Get ready to be surprised by incomparable details and unique designs of the most beautiful traditional wedding dresses from around the world.

japane wedding dresses

japane wedding dresses

These are some traditional wedding dresses


The traditional Japanese traditional wedding dress is typically red and white as these are the national colors, although at times it will be more colorful. They will often wear a floor length komono although gowns are becoming more common now as well. You may also see some Japanese brides wearing a white silk hood over the bun in their hair this is called a wataboshi and is one of the oldest Japanese wedding traditions. The hood represents humility and modesty.


During a wedding ceremony in Thailand, brides dress themselves in traditional Thai costumes based on one of six distinct periods of Thai history. The outfit is delicate and elegant and we simply love the intricate threadwork on it.


A traditional African bridal outfit in many parts of the continent usually consists of items made from matching fabric in bright, vivid colours, including a headpiece called a gele, a wrap skirt called an iro, a shawl called an iborum and a blouse called a buba. These clothes are typically handmade and are one of the most expensive items in the bride’s wardrobe.


Hanbok, a traditional Korean costume, has been worn by Korean brides for thousands of years. According to ancient tradition, the groom should carry his wife around the table on his back, so the bride knows that her husband is reliable.


Traditionally, the wedding gown a German bride wears is passed down from her mother or her sisters, but it’s also acceptable for a modern bride to choose her own dress. The one requirement, however, is that she accompany that dress with a wedding crown made of wire, tinsel, artificial flowers, pearls, ribbon and pins.

bulgaria wedding dresses

bulgaria wedding dresses


Wedding dresses in Bulgaria have a centuries-old tradition, cover the entire body of the woman up to the head. Which is then adorned with some kind of white hat with a scarf around the neck. Ensuring that the bride is modest and covered. Simple Wedding dresses and traditions most definitely diver from country to country, but I´m sure we can all agree that regardless the tradition the bride is always glowing with joy on her special day.

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lankan tradition, brides wear a gold, cream, or red sari and wedding jewelry as well as a hair ornament. The groom wears a mul anduma, an ornately draped outfit that can take over 30 minutes to put on.


An Italian bride’s something blue is already replaced by a green dress or ornament, for they believe the color brings luck and fertility. But most brides still stick with traditional white gown.


A couple in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in a simple wedding dress. The bride wears a simple white dress which is worn over a pair of trousers. The wedding may last days and the bride will have to change to gowns over the course of the ceremony.

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